18 de mayo de 2018

LET'S TALK, jueves 17 a las 16.30 h. o viernes 18 a las 19.30 h.

Let's talk about rural depopulation. Over 1000 Spanish villages have no children under the age of 12. Schools close and services such as medical attention are reduced leading to a downward spiral of reducing and ageing population. What is the problem and how can the trend be reversed? Should the countryside be a playground for rural tourism or a thriving market for agricultural produce? Are government policies to encourage young people to move to the countryside working? Do you think there should be incentives to repopulate the villages? What do you think can be done?

Come along to your public library for a fun chat in English on Thursday at 4.30pm or Friday at 7.30pm. (Native English speakers free of charge) For more information please ask at the information desk.

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