16 de marzo de 2018

LET'S TALK, jueves 14 de marzo a las 16.30 h. o viernes 19.30 h., Seminario

Let's talk about the use and abuse of sensibilities and emotions provoked by terrible crimes (the little boy, Gabriel, Diana Quer and Marta del Castillo among others) for political ends that will do nothing to avoid such crimes. At the same time, the smoke screen caused by blanket news coverage of these horrific crimes is used to hide the treasonous actions of the party in power whose deliberate destruction of civil rights and the welfare state continue incessantly amid a sea of corruption and manipulation of 'justice'. Is our democracy in danger?

Reading Club: Next week we will comment on the short story, "The wonderful Ice Cream Suit," by Ray Bradbury (the text is available on this blog)

Come along to your public library for a fun chat in English on Thursday at 4.30pm or Friday at 7.30pm. (Native English speakers free of charge) For more information please ask at the information desk.

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