16 de febrero de 2017

LET'S TALK, jueves16 de febrero a las 16.30 h. o viernes 18 a las 19.30 h.

Let's talk about value. Does everything have to be considered in economic terms? Is it morally acceptable to tax the use of the sun or consider that minerals and petroleum have no value in the Earth's crust but high economic value once extracted and processed? Should health care only be considered in terms of costs when there is a tangible benefit to society in curing illness and preventing future expenditure. Is there truth in Oscar Wilde's statement that, "nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing"?

Come along to your public library for a fun chat on Thursday at 4.30pm or Friday at 7.30pm. Everyone welcome, (native English speakers free of charge) please ask at the information desk for further details.

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