13 de mayo de 2016

LET'S TALK, jueves 12 de mayo a las 16.30 h. o viernes 13 de mayo a las 19.30 h., sala de Seminario

The politics of austerity were applauded by those who claimed restaurant and travel expenses on the public purse while voting their own wage rises and beneficial pension deals, destroying the protection of workers from rampant capitalism and ignoring the social consequences of drastic cuts in the finance of education and health services. With repeat elections looming and apathy flowering, what do you think is the appropriate medicine for for a broken system? Is clicking 'like' or 'dislike' sufficient?
Come along to your public library for a fun chat in English on Thursday at 4.30pm or Friday at 7.30pm. Everyone welcome, (native English speakers free of charge) please ask at the information desk for further details.

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