8 de abril de 2016

LET'S TALK jueves 7 de abril a las 16.30 h. o viernes 7 de abril a las 19.30 h. volvemos a la sala de SEMINARIO

We all like our food to cost as little as possible but when the price paid to the producers doesn't cover costs the farmers go out of business. Spain is expecting to lose 5000 milk producers this year and another 10000 over the next few years because the prices paid for their products don't cover the costs of production. The government appears to be doing nothing to protect the producer's interests and is oblivious to the consequences of such losses in the rural environment. Do you think it matters? Do you think intervention is the answer?
Come along to your public library for a fun chat in English on Thursday at 4.30pm or Friday at 7.30pm. Everyone welcome, (native English speakers free of charge) please ask at the information desk for further details.

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