27 de mayo de 2011

READING CLUB: 84 Charing Cross Road de Helen Hanff

READING CLUB From 2nd April until 20th May

You can come to the public library and borrow this book from March, 26th.

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Es la correspondencia entre una norteamericana y los dependientes de una librería inglesa. De la emoción que describen cuando encuentran algún libro apreciado sin conocerse.

Anónimo dijo...

Thank you for suggesting this book! Even though I couldn't attend to the reading club during my stay in Salamanca, I did read this title and I found it a lovely reading. It has become one of my favourite books and I even looked for all kind of info about the author and the subsequent film. It made me laugh, cry and think about the different topics that it poses. I didn't enjoy too much the sequel (The Duchess of Bloomsbury), though. Anyway, I strongly recommend it to everyone and I would like to thank the coordinator for discovering this little masterpiece of Literature to us. Greets! -El correo del Zar-