30 de marzo de 2011


Tourism and leisure time travel is transforming with the times.Terminology such as ecotourism, gastro-tourism, sex tourism or spacetourism prove the point. The effect on the destination can bepositive or destabilising. Fragile environments need careful management for tourism not to be counter productive while in other areas an influx of tourists provides a welcome boost for the local economy.Why not come along to have a chat about views, comments, observations and opinions on tourism at 4pm on Thursday or 6.30pm on Friday. You may even pick up some useful holiday tips! For further details please enquire at the information desk.

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Anónimo dijo...

I could not catch this theme when I attended workshop. But At Now I have opinion. I against something tourism(I mean it's not personal trip.). There so many reason. But I'm going to post big one.

Sex-tourism,gastro,whale,eco,expo,sport,,,etc anything-tourism,Those commonality is that we buy something experience what we have not had. (this point is side one. = consumer side.)It has harmful effects. It's not only destroying place resource by coming people(and living people-say later),also spin off economic destroy. The money what tourism peoples use is coming form outside so far. And there are few points where tourism people use money.(Hotel,gastro,transportation,souvenir,and what?Is there more thing?) It's put out economic disproportionate. Be cause It's ignore this place economic growing speed. (other point of view is that the tourism money never come back where it's born.) It maybe destroying native weak industrial what is really needed in this place.

And other side(this point is side two. = producer side ),
It's need something big power that make do possible. I mean bank or government,global commercial system some kind of money power. Of course this money is had to recoup. I mean they have to continue to invest same thing or some (a few)successful things for payback money. I think it like slash and burn agriculture. At least This tourism place will be abandoned(be cause the more coming people,the more battered place or consume resource. At least will be declined in value. and with destroying economy). Or It will have intended consequences.

We have to think about consumption. Is there existing what we shouldn't have consumed for desire? We have to grow humanity. Life is not for money and not only desire.

At now in Salamanca, so many tourism people there are. Especial Asian people. They are always big tourism group. Do you feel something strange? Are they coming to Salamanca at one's own initiative?I don't think so. Are we going to do tourism city for ever? There are some opinions. But we have to stop and think one moment.

Yes I'm approving personal trip. Yeah we have to spread our point of view to worldwide. But I against that it's organized or prepared tourism by government and big money power.

From S