9 de febrero de 2011


The public library versus the internet. With public spending being cut back and growing use of the internet resulting in less people using the libraries, it is time to defend the public library. Try this link for some inspiration;
magazine-12340505 and come in for a chat on Thursday at 4pm or Friday at 6.30pm. For more information, please ask at the information desk.

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The link doesn't seem to work so here it is;

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The library has spacial atmospherics. Someone say “I like smell of book.” Somebody “I feel Ambient of academic. So I do better to study than other place.”sad. This is unique and irreplaceable character. I think other role can be instead to other way. Maybe internet. This problem is only cost. We use library without paying. But of cause running cost for library is not free. Sometime government spend a lot of (our)money for welfare. We have to close library what be used a few people. We don't have to defray a few utility value like a squeezed orange institution. This problem looks like post office where is less populated area. Of cause We need public service. But how much cost and who defray it. Today Peter told us about His home town's library. That library open only one day for a week. We can chose that do not close library for ever. We keep it and take a not costly way. This is possibility to keep library. I love the library. They help me (us) lot of thing. The Library is place where is going to be born culture. It is our possibility. I pray for the library at night.
From Person who joined at Thursday.

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